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The (Mormon) Book - How Rare a Possession - LDS - Part 1/5

Share video on Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace. is a video describing how to learn more about the Mormon Church.An Italian Protestant minister in the early 1900s gives up his ministry for a book without a name. Twenty years later he discovers An Italian Protestant minister in the early 1900s gives up his ministry for a book without a name. Twenty years later he discovers it is the Book of MormonThe story that follows is Brother Francesca's account of his remarkable conversion. A letter that Brother Francesca wrote to Avard Fairbanks. The letter, currently in the Church archives, is the only known account by the author, in English, of his forty-year struggle to join the Church. As I think back to the events in my life leading to a cold morning in New York City in February 1910, I cannot escape the feeling that God had been mindful of my existence. That morning the caretaker of the Italian chapel delivered a note to me from the pastor. He was ill in bed and wished me to come to his house, as he had important matters to discuss regarding the affairs of the parish. As I walked down Broadway, the strong wind from the open sea moved the pages of a book lying on a barrel full of ashes. The form of the pages and the binding gave me the idea that it was a religious book. Curiosity pushed me to approach it. I picked it up and beat it against the barrel to knock off the ashes. It was printed in the English idiom, but when I looked to the frontispiece, I found it was torn away. The fury of the wind turned the pages, and I hastily read Alma, Mosiah, Mormon, Moroni, Isaiah, Lamanites-except for Isaiah, all were names I had never before heard. I wrapped the book in a newspaper I had bought nearby and continued my walk toward the pastor's house. After a few words of comfort there, I took accord of what I should do for him. On the way home, I wondered who the people with the strange names might be. And who was this Isaiah? Was he the one in the Bible or some other Isaiah? At home, I seated myself before the window, anxious to know what was printed in the book. As I turned the torn pages and read the words of Isaiah, I was convinced that it was a religious book that talked of things to come. But unknown was the name of the church that taught such doctrine, because the cover and frontispiece had been stripped off. The declaration of the witnesses gave me confidence that it was a true book. I then bought twenty cents' worth of denatured alcohol and some cotton at the neighborhood drugstore and began cleaning the pages. For several hours I read the remainder of the pages, which gave me light and knowledge and left me charmed to think of the source from which this fresh revelation had come. I read and reread, twice and twice again, and I found it fit to say that the book was a fifth gospel of the Redeemer. At the end of the day, I locked the door of my room, knelt with the book in my hands, and read chapter ten of the book of Moroni. I prayed to God, the Eternal Father, in the name of his son, Jesus Christ, to tell me if the book were of God, if it were good and true, and if I should mix its words with the words of the four gospels in my preaching. I felt my body become cold as the wind from the sea. Then my heart began to palpitate, and a feeling of gladness, as of finding something precious and extraordinary, bore consolation to my soul and left me with a joy that human language cannot find words to describe. I had received the assurance that God had answered my prayer and that the book was of greatest benefit to me and to all who would listen to its words. ....On February 13, 1949, 1 sent a letter to Elder Widtsoe at Church headquarters in Salt Lake City. Elder Widtsoe answered my letter October 3, 1950, explaining that he had been in Norway. I sent him a long letter in reply in which I asked him to help me to be quickly baptized, because I felt that I had proven myself to be a faithful son and servant of God, observing the laws and commandments of his kingdom. Elder Widtsoe asked President Samuel E. Bringhurst of the Swiss-Austrian Mission to go to Sicily to baptize me. On January 18, 1951, President Bringhurst arrived on the island and baptized me at Imerese. Apparently, this was the first baptism performed in Sicily. On April 28, 1956, I entered the temple at Bern and received my endowment. At last, to be in the presence of my Heavenly Father! I felt that God's promise had been fully fulfilled-the day had come indeed when the book would be no more unknown to me and I would be able to enjoy the effects of my faith. Brother Francesca died 18 November 1966 at Gesta Gratten (Palermo), Italy. Before his death, he was able to do the temple work for many of his ancestors.To request a free copy of the Book of Mormon, visit

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lds9999: If God wants to give more of His word, would you deny it? Leave aside the Book of Mormon for a moment and think about this hypothetically. If He wanted to provide more of His word, would you deny it and say "the Bible is enough."
sakiusad: I do not understand why the world doesn't see that this work was long foretold in many aspects by ancient prophets.The lamentations of Isaiah regarding the ancient people of the Americas and their book is now being fulfilled.Prophecies of Ezekiel,Amos,Daniel and many of the ancient prophets regarding the last days and the restoration has been fulfilled.But yet there is a shadow that lingers which has covered the eyes of many to the truth.What more proof does the world need?!
gradgurl2007: How cool is it that there will now be an LDS temple in Rome! Francesco is loving that, I'm sure. :D
lds9999: It's not a PR effort, it's an effort to share the gospel with all the world. The need for it? To obey Jesus' commandment.
krimmola: Wow, this is so great to see that. I am italian so i really liked this video.. thanks for sharing!!!
urubu715: Before you make an ignorant comment like that, why don't you do a little research?
lds9999: The other parts will be following shortly!
BryceisBibleMan: I know that the book of Mormon is of God and you see in thas video the faith of 1 man out of abult 14,000,000 that know it is true and of God.
inthearmsofsleep: Thanks for uploading these... they really are great.
TheLdsLife: NO man on earth will keep God silent. He speaks according to his own will and pleasure. Not just the Book of Mormon will come forth. Many records will come to light in our life time unto either our joy or our regret.
peaceliberty4all: 2 Corinthians. 13:1 In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established. How much more difficult is it to deny the reality of Christ when you have 2 records from 2 different continents testifying to his reality and divinity. And how foolish is it to believe that God only loved the Jews or those on that continent and that the rest were left without his word.
omiolo: I used to play this for people on my mission. I always loved the story but I was pleasantly surprised the impact it had on investigators.
treehuggertwo: There is no need for an 'otro testamento' the Bible is enough.
lds9999: What an uninformed comment. Perhaps you haven't noticed but every major organization, including every major church, has moved to communicating with people through the powerful medium of Youtube. It's now the 3rd most popular website on the Internet--to try to somehow single out the LDS Church as an anomaly shows only your spite for one organization.
treehuggertwo: And I am singling out the LDS in what way? You have no idea what else I comment upon.
treehuggertwo: So, you send out 50000 missionaries a year, are exhorted that every member should be a missionary, have a New York PR firm and create PR on YouTube. And the NEED for this PR effort stems from what?.
lds9999: So you have the same type of comment on a Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and every other major religion video on Youtube? If so, I apologize for that assumption (though I seriously doubt it); however, I still fundamentally disagree with your assertion that these groups being on Youtube is "a joke" considering that it's now the 3rd most popular website on the Internet.
omiolo: "It is TRUTH" And that is what I love about the true and living church of Jesus Christ!
BradGiovanniItalia: I also have Italian heritage and am LDS. Therefore, this is the best film of all time. Il Libro Di Mormon e parola di Dio! otro testamento di Gesu Cristo!
MrDSavageMan: This movie is great for showing how a sincere reading of the Book of Mormon can bring us closer to God. The Bible is the word of God but so is the Book of Mormon. I urge anyone curious about the book and what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is about to read it. See if the Book of Mormon does not agree and support what the Bible says about our Lord.
TheLdsLife: How rare a possession indeed. Like unto Salvation being a free gift from God, so its the ownership if this book I hear nowadays. Most people only put value on things that they have to pay for ie, cars, boats, campers, houses, etc... but the coming for of a righteous branch of the House of Israel making itself available in our day is nothing short of a miracle and yet it is also a double edged sword...
Justjokingjackrabbit: It's not the 5 star movie, or the Hill Cumorah pageant, or anything else. It's simply reading the Book of Mormon, and placing its teachings on Jesus Christ in your heart, and seeing the truth and goodness that springs from it and the Lord who inspired it.
omiolo: I am sure Francisco is looking down from heaven at the soon to be built Rome Temple with a big smile on his face.
TheLdsLife: Feel free to visit my blog sometime. I wrote an article a few days shy of October 31st and entitled the blog entry as, "Trick of Treat" After reading this blog, decide then whether this ancient record from one of the righteous branches of the House of Israel was indeed a "Trick or A Treat" unto mankind.
treehuggertwo: Posting stuff on YouTube to do PR or win converts. What a joke this so called church is.
krimmola: I can't wait!
lds9999: treehugger, you are obviously a Christian. And it's likely that there are thousands of videos on Youtube that agree with your beliefs -- do you think it's "ridiculous" that these videos are on Youtube? Do you post comments on those videos as well?
BENEDICT INGKON: Thank you so much for posting this video. This video has changed millions of lives to be better people, to be more like God, as he instructed in Mathew 5:48 "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect" The Book of Mormon truly the Book from God. I know it is true.
JoeyPittSteelers: Definitely that's just your opinion...but I know that Heavenly Father loves us so much that he has provided another testimony for all to know that Jesus IS THE CHRIST AND THAT HE LIVES :)
treehuggertwo: Whats ignorant about the comment? It is ridiculous that a church posts videos on You Tube.
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