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Fair Mormon: Kathryn Engemann, we have a video on the promised land. You can watch it here:
Roger Grose: Hilarious!!! Thanks!!!
Kathryn Engemann: Love your work and your reasoning . Thank you for the videos . I would like you now to report on the land of America " U S A " as the land of promise in the Book of Mormon . There is so much evidence that has been discovered that is truly proving that the Book of Mormon is on this land . Bill Engemann Liberty , Mo. 
twothess twoone: sorry but I lost you when said the book of mormon is true.
Craven Frost: Lol hints and ideas don't make factual evidence.
Craven Frost: "archaeology does not prove the bible?" are you serious? archaeology silenced its many scholastic critics through archaeology. If you wan't people to take mormonism seriously then archaeology does play a big part in proving ancient history. Where are the places mentioned in the book of mormon, where are the tools, weapons and artefacts that relate to the claims. BTW mayans, incas etc have been discredited by many scholars as the ancient lost tribes of israel. Nice try through trying to discredit biblical archaeology cause you can't find any for BOM
tigerboy1966: I found a bit of paper with the letters "j" and "s" on it. That proves that the every word in the book of mormon is literally true.
Eydis: LOL! You're funny!
WNCmtnmama67: Omiolo, in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus says "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." I wouldn't call Jesus a liar, would you? And there is not any qualifications on WHEN such a seeing of God would take place. You can't say, "Oh, that just means after a person dies." Nope, doesn't say that. Jesus appeared to many after his resurrection. And in the Old Testament, Moses spoke with God "face to face". So my guess is you are misinterpreting the Bible. Perhaps up until Moses' time, nobody had seen God and lived. But that obviously changed according to the Bible. And to those who wonder where other writings of the BOM cultures are. Remember that the BOM plates were kept by Nephites. They were wiped out completely eventually. The BOM story is mostly their story. So after they were all gone and the plates hidden up for safe keeping, the only folks left were the Lamanite descendants. We don't even know if they did write. We know they used hieroglyphs and art. Consider the art pieces that show a light skinned and a dark skinned people. When the Catholic missionaries came to the Americas hundreds of years ago, they destroyed all but a few records that the people had. Who knows what was lost. Many new cities have been found in South and Central America. Even one where the buildings are covered in a type of cement! Fits the BOM story just fine. I guess it all comes down to did Jesus truly have other sheep (not potential sheep, like Gentiles) that heard HIS voice? Did he actually have other people on this planet that had the teachings? If you read the BOM and then follow Moroni's counsel to pray in faith having REAL INTENT about its truthfulness, then you can get an answer from the Lord. The question is do you have faith to do that... or do you NEED archeological evidence in order to believe?
Graham Lindsay: What is the provenance of the Book of Mormon? Was it written by an impoverished minister who died before it could be published, then taken up by others who added Biblical passages, etc then used Joseph Smith as a front man who pretended to write the book? Or was it written by an illiterate child? I tend to believe the former and not the latter. Nobody truly knows when or exactly where Jesus was born. Was he born in a cave or in a stable? He was born sometime between 4BCE and 6CE. We know he existed as we have enough existing documents to prove that. I just wonder if the masculine version of Alma is Almo. Almah is Hebrew for young girl. Alma is usually associated with a wise loving mother. I think its more likely that he had heard of the Irish tale of Alma-one tooth an Irish Prince of folklore. 
Richard Holt: You know over time things just keep coming out that back up the BOM and shows it being more and more the works of god. thanks for sharing this.
DrRocksotheClown: @Condor2700 this is s..tooo funny they find a FEW artifacts that arent even carbon dayted and taht prove stherew ere like 1 or 2 million isrealites living here?where are teh CITIES?physicala rtifacts?the DESCENDANTS...why havent we found any wriitings PRE 1830 referrring to this civilization?i mean COME ON peopel wake UP..this is the word of ONE man..where are the GOLDEN PLATES?
omiolo: He remained one for the rest of his life, dying in 1933 at 76. He served in World War I as a chaplain and was elected to the U.S. Congress in 1898, although that body refused to seat him because he was a polygamist. He married three wives and had 15 children.
mudsquid: I know of no archaeologist who claims that the Bible is proved by archaeology. Your ironic reference to "goddess figurines" "proving" that the ancient Israelites worshiped "the Goddess" should be a bit less ironic. It is actually true (and well-known to any Bible reader) that the ancient Israelites worshiped many idols and local Canaanite deities. One of the main Israelite goddesses was Ishtar, also known as Ashrath, Ashtera, Ashterath, etc. Most of the figurines represent her.
TheLDSLife - I Am A Mormon: @DrRocksotheClown - that's two more than have been found from the Exodus of Israel.
Madison Slack: Spanning* over a thousand years. With ties directly linked to historical events and with the bible. It seems illogical that a boy with limited sources other than a direct copy could conjure up a 531 page book in 65 days.
DrRocksotheClown: @Condor2700 i guess this man didnt seee teh show on the discovery channelwhere tehys howed a wholebunch of cities in the middle east that matvched teh date sand geograpophic place sin the bible?LOL..but this man in teh video believes teh word of ONE MAN...fromONE boook written in 1830..?so what tehy found one persons mummified remains and that proves it?umm..i dont get it?
omiolo: Despite his maverick views, Roberts was respected by his colleagues in the church hierarchy. He was fascinated by “The Book of Mormon,” at one point calling it the “fifth Gospel.” He spent much of the second half of his life defending the book. According to Madsen’s piece, the unique doctrines of “The Book of Mormon” — so different from traditional christianity —
Justin Clawson: Very informative! Thank You!
Madison Slack: Joseph Smith was a fourteen year old boy with a third grade education. At the time, 1819, there were no libraries. No photographs, no history textbooks. Certainly not for a poor farm boy. Who in a limited number of years produced a book with a timeline spamming
omiolo: Mormon MP: We hear much about Mormon politicians in the United States, but what about leaders in other countries? LDS member David Rutley is one of the newest Members of Parliament for Macclesfield.
omiolo: Scott Swofford, director of media for the Church explained, "We decided to focus this campaign on introducing Mormons to people who haven't heard much about us, rather than trying to change the opinion of someone who has set ideas about the Church. We figured out the best way to communicate that message would be through its members."
omiolo: @DrRocksotheClown "they have found buildings an d temples in teoihuacan" btw, what does Teotihuacan mean?
DrRocksotheClown: @kbp5454 so where..what TAHT is your evidence...some koook standing in front of a lake reading from a boook making some half baked argument based on looosely strung together information and conjecture?EPIC fail ...
omiolo: and the biblical and historical knowledge within “The Book of Mormon” made it impossible for any man as unlearned as Joseph Smith to create it from scratch. “It imposes what Roberts called ‘a greater tax on human credulity’ to say Joseph Smith, or anyone in the nineteenth century, created it,” writes Madsen.
omiolo: @DrRocksotheClown "the bible says man is not supposed to be able to SEE god or jesus." I thought Jesus is God? & Exodus 33:10-11.
DrRocksotheClown: @omiolo if u read revelations clearly implies and states that no one human would see him after the is in black and white no gray areas...go read it
DrRocksotheClown: @omiolo oh okay so ..i suppose they have found buildings an d temples in teoihuacan with HEBREW writings on them?yeah that is MAYAN INDIAN culture and south america what does THAT have to do with anything relating to peopel of middl e e astern decent..?alll that proves is that your boy joseph smith was a plagerist and stole his ideas from the mayan culture..
DrRocksotheClown: @Condor2700 so let me get this straight...your boook descibes massive battles in vague undisclosed locations....enourmous empires...vast cities..and this was supposedluy in north america..?but america wasnt COLONIZED by hebrew people.these evenst and civilizatiosn are not referenced in OTHER cultures historical records...and i cant walk intoa museum anywhere usa and see weapons...toools...pottery..etc etc ..?and im supposed to BELIEVE this as a truth?
TheBackyardProfessor: My good pleasure. I will bring out more in other videos as well. Thanks for watching!
kiggityk: You said it bud.. Ancient Texts can't be proven.. Especially the bible or the book of mormon, the torah or the qu'ran. Let Knowledge be your God and let Evidence be your savior.
kbp5454: @DrRocksotheClown You are so woefully ignorant it is comical. You don't understand the Bible, you don't understand any of the circumstances of the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. You say anyone with an imagination or resources could write a book. Joseph Smith might have had an imagination, but resources? HA! He had none. Rethink what you think you know and learn how to type and spell. It is hard to understand what you mean when you butcher the language you write it in.
DrRocksotheClown: @omiolo and you areSTILLL trying to prove a negative...
Fair Mormon: @kiggityk Sure. Nahom is mentioned in the BOM. Recently, an ancient city was discovered called Nahom, in the right place, with the right name, in the right spot. Horse bones have been found in the Americas, which carbon date to BOM time periods. There is an article on our website by Wade Miller about that. Hordeum Pussillum (Barley) is native to the Americas and never disappeared. Perhaps you should read the BOM yourself and not rely on anti-Mormon material for accurate information.
DrRocksotheClown: @TheBackyardProfessor sio..something about teh land of jesrusalme is familiar to something in the bible which PREDATES the BOm, by 2000 does this prove ARCHEOLOIGAL evidemnce?
omiolo: Yet Roberts remained in awe of the personal power “The Book of Mormon” gave him. Madsen writes, “Though renowned for his gifts as a speaker, B.H. Roberts agonized over the fact that he could never communicate the intensity, the power, the consuming white light that seemed to him to shine through the book.”
omiolo: @DrRocksotheClown Still NOT answering questions??
omiolo: Mormon temples differ from the hundreds of meetinghouses or chapels throughout the Philippines, where members meet for Sunday worship services.
TheBadseamstress: Lol there are no figurines of God because we are commanded not to worship idols or make any graven images
DrRocksotheClown: @omiolo okay then educate us sand show us the vast ancient city ruins...texts..writings..oral histories...proof that they made contact with the native american are trying to prove a NEGATIVE..we dont need to know about one particular group or church to know that something ISNT there..the bible is a HISTORICAL RECORD...and there is plenty of valid indisputable evuidence that it is accurate i.e ..who lives in the middle east right now..?aRABS AND JEWS..?
Lloyd Nine: I am a professor of Ark-Ay ology or however you pronounce it. I have been tenured at Brown University for 18 years and in my 31 years of digging and studying fossils I can tell you with authority that you are talking to hear your own voice. Evidenced by your dumbfounding claims, it is clear to even a shade-tree intellectual that you need a Thesarus, a look at the Human Fossil Record, and google Australopithecus Afarensis. Quit mis-pronouncing Bethlahayme, and Arkay ologico.
omiolo: Roberts, explains Madsen, has a different viewpoint of what the book’s translation was like than perhaps the typical Latter-day Saint. Roberts did not regard it as “magical,” or in other words, just viewing the Urim and Thummim, seeing words, and writing them down. “On the contrary, ‘brain sweat’ was required, and preparation, and labor,” writes Madsen.
DrRocksotheClown: @omiolo funnny how we have so much native american history and artifacts blankets...baskets...arrowheads..weapons..toools...oral history... ...but nothing from LDS tribes?dont u find that kind of odd that u cant just walk into any secular museum in a ny town america and find anything on display with hebrew writing on it?
DrRocksotheClown: @omiolo oh soany boook that mentions any ancient city in mesoamerica must eb a holy boook?'sa boook...dude..ANYONE with an imagination o r resources can produce a boook...if the isrealites were in souith america then why is south america mostly populated by CATHOLICS?why didnt the "LDS" convert everyone to their faith?there is no sociological./geneological or historical record of any of this..
Thomas Hyland: Female figures of the land of the Bible? Goddess instead of God based upon figurines? Could you elaborate some more about these Goddess figurines? I am a member of the LDS Church and I was referred to these tapes by a friend, another fellow member. And I'm just curious, can you explain more about these female figurines?
kiggityk: You said it bud.. Ancient Texts can't be proven.. Especially the bible or the book of mormon, the torah or the qu'ran. Let Knowledge be your God and let Evidence be your savior.
Joel Valin: Im in the Philippines, I believe the book of mormon is true
omiolo: Roberts was unique within the LDS hierarchy for his reasoning that evolution and Gospel doctrines did not conflict. He wrote a book, “The Truth, The Way, The Life,” that was not published due to the objections of creationist Apostle Joseph Fielding Smith. It eventually was published in 1994. In the mid-1890s Roberts almost left the church over a disagreement on whether church authorities could be active in politics. He eventually apologized for the near apostasy.
omiolo: Based on past ad campaigns done by the Church, research suggests that just less than half of those studied knew little or nothing about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
DrRocksotheClown: @kiggityk UMMM..ACTUALLY They HAVE FOUND THOUSANDS OF PHYSICAL PLACES and artifacts in the middle east from the bible stories...but oh the BOM...details massive battles in vague undisclosed locations...vast cities..forming enormous empires...but there isnt like writinsg and cultural history and MASS physical evidence taht these isrealis inhabited america 600 bc-400 ad?
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