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Bryce MacCabe: This is one of my all time favorite General Conference talks. It's been a particular help and comfort lately to know that forgiving brings peace and happiness. So grateful for this wise council. Love this talk!
Romaena Kahmal: If they could forgive this terrible thing, then I can try to forgive the lesser crimes against me... I will try... 
bruceddot: Today, in an all too common moment that neared "road rage," after I acted very much un-Crhist-like, a man traveling on the interstate pointed a handgun directly at my face. The police, for reasons unknown, chose not to arrest the man. Bitterness, anger, and spitefulness soon encompassed my heart. I first contemplated filing a civil suit. Then, my thoughts turned even worse, toward revenge. As I drove home late that night, it dawned on me that those feelings were not of the Lord.
bruceddot: I remembered President Faust's talk. I then felt an overwhelming sense of guilt for those thoughts. I know that Christ atoned for the sins of all men--even the gun wielder from the interstate. I know that it is not only my obligation, but my privilege to forgive the man. I have not yet, but intend to send the man a letter telling him that I forgive him. I will include in the letter a link to this talk. I am grateful to my Father for the blessings of safety and wellbeing that I received today.
Jon Paull: This is by far one of my favorite talks. I hope that I can always have and feel this level of Christ like love and forgiveness.
amber larby: When I was first investigating the church I went during a conference and this was the first talk I heard. I instantly knew just how much I needed the church because of the strong feeling of the spirit with this talk. I knew the lord was speaking.
Utahute88: Anguish, but no anger. Hurt, but no hate... James E. Faust
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