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tippy114: it is a mockery that what is god's matter (the trinity and others) were decided by councils as Jeffrey R. Holland had clearly stated. who are in the councils, not god or angels or prophets but men. the hebrews created this god about 6000 years ago and through the millinium discussed and wrote the books. the process will go on. the chinese and indians too did the same, discussing and writing their own holy the truth is that all gods are created by men and rituals, practises and religious doctrines and religious books are men's work.Jeffrey R. Holland said that his god was unknowable but he spoke with such confidence of a person who seemed all knowing. it defies logic and is quite bizarre. his speech is vague and confusing. how can he be sincere when he said that he respected other religions doctrines when he said that his god of israel is the creator of heaven and earth. that would imply that others' gods are false.if this god is true, why didnt he stop them from fighting and killing each others among themselves and against nonbelievers? millions had died and more will die. billion would die if not for the secular laws created by sensible people.
Wayne Bergeron: He speaks truth to power. I love Elder Holland. He dropped it like it was HOT!!! 
Strong Heart: The only true God is Jehovah and his Son Jesus is the one He sent forth.
Jesus Jehovah:
guatemalantwinkie: You hit the nail on the head Elder Holland!! There is no question!!! We are christians!!!
Brooke Plothow Nelson: Thank you Elder Holland! This is a great talk about how Mormons, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, are Christians!
JSchwicht: A bold and powerful declaration of restored doctrine. No one can listen to Elder Holland testify of Christ and truly believe that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are not Christians in every sense of the word.
SuperMyrabelle: Wonderful teachings, thank you so much Elder Holland!
Mark Fazio: I myself think that Mormons hv got it a lot closer to the Truth. Their doctrine is in accord with a variety of American Indian Spiritual Doctrines; as well as some Gnostic and even Hindu and Buddhist, as well as the Catholics, as they acknowledge Ascension, Sainthood, Enlightenment or the God- Self Realization. I've researched many Cultural Spirituality Doctrines, and I am simply ROCKED by the cohesiveness of their Themed Doctrine! I think that they r quite accurate.
Craig Barrett: Array
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