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Melissa Johanson: There is no doubt the church is true!!!!
maddie windsor: I was looking for talks and this was the one
dagood181: @ Lydni same here :))
Rylan Cushing: I cry every time. I try so hard to resist. haha
thomasyount1: this is one of my favorite talks!!
Cait Bogs: So uplifting. Gave me the chills after watching this.:)
HonkifULuvBrownies: I needed this
Anthony Lasiloo: I think he is awesome
Mark Hopkins: We really do matter to God. Thank you President Uchtdorf for this counsel.
partyboyrocks69: I'm not LDS but dang it watching these talks make me appreciate everything a little more
Ben Clark: That's the power of the holy spirit!
Lollipoploxbabe: This talk was meant for me, it was as if Hevanly Father was speaking to me...I loved all the talks at General Conference :)
Kadia Bundu: What a marvelous talk
charlenemccutcheon: I was told by the spirit I would get my answer to a particular problem from a talk in General Conference. This talk was by Elder Uchtdorf gave it to me. I am so grateful for living prophets.
jordindian: This was my favorite talk from this conference. We truly do matter to our heavenly father.
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